Custom Brokerage

Duties. Rates. Reporting. Regulations. paperwork. Any one of these factors is enough to make clearing customs complicated. Together, they can be daunting—enough to determine some companies from pursuing international sales. Working with us at Dash Delivery Logistics gives you access to customs brokerage experts who live and breathe customs clearance every day. So whether you transport products by plane, ship, truck, or rail, you have the peace of mind, the know-how, and the support to help you be successful.

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Warehousing is an essential component in any supply chain. Dash Delivery Logistics warehousing facilities are flexible in size and easy to equip, thus allowing us to accommodate individual requirements such as temperature-controlled storage or advanced security systems. Our priority is always to select sites with the set-up you need, located within easy access of both, your facilities and established transport routes. This allows us to meet the fast turn-around times requested of exemplary warehouse operations.

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Cargo Express

Already 15 years in the business, Dash Delivery Logistics has been organizing international transportation. Cargo express is an innovative service and an effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is useful for companies of various scale – from individual traders to mass producers and importers. Cargo express is appropriate for small consignments of items from in Europe and also globally, Dash Delivery Logistics helps its Clients benefit from all the advantages of fast delivery within Europe and elsewhere. Our employees analyze clients’ needs and cargo characteristics, formulate optimal routes, and calculate the price. Dash Delivery Logistics delivers the cargo strictly according to the agreed terms regardless of the geography of transportation. Close cooperation with reliable logistics companies and other partners allow us to maintain a flexible and transparent pricing policy and excellent service quality levels.

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Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner


Delivering your products fast and reliably is our top priority. That’s why we’re constantly investing in innovation at our Dash Delivery Logistics Ground hubs. No delay or hassles in delivery. Always get your shipment ahead of time.

Tracking Through Every Stage

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bird’s-eye view of your package? With our real-time status updates and tracking capabilities, you can monitor your shipment up to the minute. We provide GPS to ensure complete transparency. At the end of the day, it’s your package—which is why we never let it leave your sight.


We believe that packaging and transportation — both key components of logistics — have a significant impact on the environment. As a responsible company, it is our responsibility to adopt sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Industry Expertise

Hitting the streets for the past 15 years now, Dash Delivery Logistics has proven its capability to execute timely, successful deliveries. We never cut corners with our service, and instead rely on our trained eyes and skills to provide the fastest delivery times.

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